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custom iron window, but it is important to know about the process of creating the windows. This Youtube video “How Thermal Steel Windows and Doors are Made” explains how they are made so that everybody understands their prices, components, and other details. We’ll tell you more!

Designing the door is the initial step. Experts can do this using their PCs with CAD software , or similar programs. When the design is accepted, they will transfer it to the manufacture. Lasers that are precise cut stainless steel in the production facility , to make the windows that the engineer or architect is looking for. Following that, the factory will carry out the CNC thermal break fabrication.

The next step is to weld the stainless steel and reinforce it using studs. The video below shows the thermal fusion assemblythat is which is the next stage. The glass frames made of one piece will be welded, then the customized iron windows will undergo the multiple steps of acrylic polyurethane paint. In the following step, the manufacturer will put in high-performance glass in a controlled environment.

The rest of the video to get information on how to make an individual iron window.


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