Common AC Repairs You May Need – Home Renovation Tips and Tricks

C Repair? These are the 5 most common repairs that may be required for your air conditioner.

The Dirty Flame Sensor
A dirty sensor for the flame is one of the most frequent problems that can occur with a Trane AC system. The sensor is accountable for detecting the presence of burning flames in the combustion chamber and cutting off gas flow in the event that there is no flame.

Motor for the Bad Blower
The motor that blows air is responsible for circulating air through the unit. If it fails and the unit is not able to circulate air, it won’t have the ability to circulate the air. It may stop working.

Cleanse the air filter
Air filters are responsible for collecting dust and other particles inside the air and keeping them away from the system. When the filter gets dirty, it may hinder airflow, causing the unit to stop working.

Motors with bad inductor
Starting up the unit is accomplished by the inductor motor. It will not be started if the motor is damaged.

The Control Board is not working:
All functions of the unit are controlled by the board. It won’t work properly when the control panel is not functioning. zisvhxgzmt.

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