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You may leave the assets in trust to another person, such as a catholic charity or your estate. The choice is yours whether the proceeds are paid as one lump sum or more frequently.

Factors of age – your beneficiary should be older and healthier than you. The majority of states ban children who are under 18 years old not to own firearms. In these cases you must create an adult trust, and then designate an appointed child care trustee who will supervise your trust up to the point that the child is of a particular age.

The ability to control assets what you don’t want is to see someone waste your hard-earned wealth. High-value properties should be designated to a beneficiary with high managerial skills.

Beneficiaries may not be eligible from receiving benefits. Before you choose a beneficiary, consider how this could have an impact on the beneficiary. In the case of someone receives money through the government for being old or disabled, the fact that they’re receiving funds from the mansion could affect their payment. Thus, numerous factors should be put into consideration to avoid disqualifying them from financial aid without a survival plan.

In the event of a contingency, a second beneficiary is needed to pay for the gaps in the event that your primary beneficiary passes away. The trust is transferred to the alternate beneficiary with no probate in this case.

Identify Your Successor Trustee

Trusts and living wills were created mainly to avoid being subject to probate. Therefore, it is important be cautious when selecting an successor trustee. A successor trustee is the ‘in-charge’ who takes over the care of living trust assets after you die or are disabled.

The successor trustee could be an individual or a company. They do not have court supervision and manage your personal affairs privately with the aid of accountants and a legal executor. The role of the trustee is to gather and distribute the trust’s assets among the beneficiaries according to the living will.

Create the Trust Document

Now is the time to start.


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