How to Encourage Someone to Exercise – Exercise Tips For Women

In scolding someone for not training, the individual may feel discouraged or, worse might think you’re being a hypocrite.

You can be a role model for others by exercising consistently, without giving excuses. Encourage others to sweat with you. The great thing about creating your own routine for exercise is that you don’t have to inform anyone. You just have to keep it up. Don’t be ashamed of the issues you face, but do be honest about it.

9. Continue to Encourage and Help Them

Based on Ronald Riggio of Psychology Today Positive reinforcement is among of the strongest motivators. Send the person you’re encouraging an encouraging note or a printed T-shirt or some gym credits if you’ve observed them working out consistently. You can quickly notice your progress and give them encouragement.

It is possible to help them out by offering to watch them as they head to the gym or taking care of their errands so they can have an extra time to exercising. Make sure they find an exercise facility that meets their needs.

10. Let them find an exercise You’ll Like

One great way to encourage people to get active is to guide them towards activities they are interested in. HuffPost says that monotonous workouts could be the reason why people aren’t working out. A few activities are only appealing to certain people, however, not everyone is interested.

As an example, some like water-based workouts over jogging at the gym. In the same way, some people enjoy walking in the morning while another might prefer lifting weights inside. Sit down with your friend and discuss ideas for the exercises they like. If dance is more fun instead of lifting weights, you could incorporate an increase in Zumba and do less weight-lifting. Make sure you are flexible to allow them to maintain a high level of fitness.

Since it has a positive effect on physical and mental health Exercise has been deemed one of the most beneficial activities. If you are able to learn to help someone exercise, you c


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